It is often found that organizations end up spending a large amount of money and management time for recruitment function when the activity is done within the organization. The combined cost of a portal, in-house recruiter(s), occasional and adhoc consultation fees, additional expenses in maintaining this function and the fact that this is a non core function of the organization pushes up the Total Cost of Recruitment.

Hence the option of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), where the company’s internal recruitment function is outsourced to a competent organization which has expertise in managing end to end recruitment process.

The Kranium Advantage

  • Kranium’s ability to understand the business of the client
  • Kranium’s exposure in handling positions from entry level to senior level
  • Kranium’s database that is relevant and updated
  • Kranium’s ability to deliver the right profile with the least turns around time
  • Kranium’s ability to provide candidates with a very high Fitment in terms of profile

Kranium RPO Covers

  • Resource Planning
  • Recruitment Spacing
  • JD preparation and Profile Identification
  • Search – Web Postings, Media Ads
  • Initial Screening – Telephonic/Personal
  • Assessment – questionnaire
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Reference Verification
  • Offer Management
  • Transitioning


  • Utilization of Kranium’s pool of experienced recruitment experts
  • Utilization of Kranium’s experience in handling diverse recruitment requirements
  • Sizable reduction in the cost of recruitment for the client
  • Standardized process
  • The client can focus on its core area of business and leave the non core function to people with expertise in that area

Kranium’s Area of Expertise

Skill Sets:Kranium is experienced in identifying and recruiting people with the following skill sets.

Sales: Channel sales, Retail sales, Enterprise sales, direct sales, Institutional sales, Telesales, Presales, Techno-commercial.

Marketing: Product Managers, Marcomm Managers, Marketing Managers, PR.
Operation: SCM, Logistics, Purchase ,Analytics.

Engineering: Safety, Maintenance, Quality, Research and Development, operations.
Finance and Accounting: Chartered accountants, Cost Accountant, Company Secretaries, accountants, Finance Managers.

Human Resource: Recruiters, Training, Compensation, Generalists, legal.

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