Human Resource Management (HRM)Automation Solutions

While there are a lot of organizations that go for a Human Resource Management Automation Solutions, it is only a very few who manage to use the system efficiently.

Having involved in managing the HR processes of various organizations, Kranium is uniquely positioned to assist organizations implement an efficient HRM Automation Solutions and also take part in the effort to use the system to good effect.

Our Solution Covers

Typically an HRM Automation Solutions would take care of the following:


  • Employee Data management
  • Manage process flows like Attendance, Leave, Travel, Recruitment and Exit
  • Manage the Performance Appraisal process
  • Manage the training calendar
  • Manage the payroll
  • Allow reports/analytics

Kranium Offers

Kranium offers its various services as below for the HRM Automation Solutions implementation:

Kranium offers its expertise in identifying the right solution to go for based on the requirements of the organization.
Most of the HRM Automation Solutions would work effectively only if the structure and other various HR parameters in the organization are in order. Kranium helps the organization in achieving the same.

Once the background work is done, the HRM Automation Solutions  system need to be implemented to suit the requirements of the organization. Here the workflows and the rules and regulations defined get ingrained into the HRM Automation solution. Kranium helps the organization in achieving an efficient implementation.

Data Collation and Migration
After the implementation, the data needs to be collated and loaded into the system.

Ongoing Data Management
People management is a dynamic function wherein there would be changes, like changes in role, addition, and removal of people, transfer, promotions, happening very regularly. An HRM Automation solutions is effective only when these changes are done on a regular basis. Understanding that organizations have limited resources to manage this, Kranium offers the service to manage the HRM Automation system data for the client.

How we can help?

our team consists of highly qualified and skilled professionals who not only come up with comprehensive solutions to assess the performance of your employees but aim to help you devise a growth strategy that will build a strong, self motivated team at work.

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